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Cowan Lake State Park

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Our mission is to preserve and enhance the natural resources of Cowan Lake State Park in cooperation of various departments of the State of Ohio.

Our mission is to:

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Issue #6
Summer (Jun-Aug) 2018

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Friends Caring for Cowan Lake State Park

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Cowan Lake State Park

  • Protect nature and wildlife and to enhance the boating experience on Cowan Lake.
  • Support State projects at Cowan Lake State Park.
  • Conduct events, raise funds and support grants in support of Cowan Lake State Park.
  • To provide volunteer labor for projects and events at Cowan Lake State Park.
  • Promote the park with legislative and government personnel.
  • Support and cooperate with other groups promoting Cowan Lake State Park.
  • Educate and attract the public to use Cowan Lake State Park‚Äč